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2024 Mental Health Awareness Week – May 13th to 19th

This year, the theme is all about Moving More for Mental Health: The Power of Physical Activity is underestimated. It isn’t just about sculpting a perfect physique; Our bodies and our minds are connected, so looking after ourselves physically also plays a crucial role in supporting our mental wellness. Exercise releases feel good hormones that… Read more

Let’s shake up the workplace!

We know it’s hard! We had the highs of Christmas, the long break, the drama of New Year’s Eve. Then comes January, a time when we realise that the magic of Christmas is over for another year. It’s dark, cold, rainy and there’s not a huge amount to look forward to. We head back to… Read more

Should I use a Recruitment Agency to seek employment? What should I expect?

Two years ago, we wrote a blog called “Why Use a Recruitment Agency” which was aimed at businesses. The long and short of it was that recruitment agency consultants know the company culture, understand the teams, and can assist with putting together the job description. They genuinely save the business time by advertising, sourcing, interviewing,… Read more

Bringing the energy back to the office

The pandemic bought change to us all, especially in our work environment. Employers needed to offer new ways of working, which tested our resilience and ability to adapt quickly to this change.   The prospect of working from home was met with mixed emotions; some found it scary and invasive, while others found it exciting and… Read more

How to say Goodbye for your Hello!

Congratulations! You have an exciting new job offer. We love giving this news to our candidates and our candidates love receiving the news. However, we are always asked the same question. ‘How do I hand in my notice’? So today, we have put together some tips on how to leave your job in a professional… Read more

Changing Careers in a Pandemic – some positive news!

The pandemic has been extremely worrying for everyone, and it has taken over our lives in so many ways. From redundancies and furlough leave to the creation of new roles and working remotely, Coronavirus is responsible for some major changes in the world of work. On the positive side, some people have seen this as… Read more

National Work-Life Week – 12th to 16th October

National Work Life Week aims to promote the importance of wellbeing and work life balance for employees, and the business benefits for organisations in getting it right. The week focuses on raising awareness and providing lots of helpful advice, top tips and ideas for looking after ourselves and enhancing our wellbeing. With the majority of… Read more

Moving forward post Covid-19

Post Covid 19 – Working in the Office vs Working from Home Covid-19 has changed many things and we believe that UK working practices will look quite different in the future. The Prime Minister has said it is time for Britain to get back to work as the Coronavirus lockdown comes to an end. But… Read more

Temp Out to Help Out – one FREE day!

Following the success of the government Eat Out to Help Out scheme, Venus Recruitment would like to support local businesses and candidates by offering ONE FREE DAY of temporary cover on any assignment booked for a minimum of 5 days. We have a range of exceptional candidates available to work right now, and this offer… Read more

Making the most of a difficult situation

As we deal with the stress of physical, emotional, and economic changes from the effects of Covid-19, we need to remember that, with these challenges, brings opportunity. We may think things are not going well, and we are not where we wanted to be. However, wouldn’t it be great to bounce back and be better… Read more

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

18th to 24th of May is Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 Wow, what a week to have such a great campaign going on. Having good mental health helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. This year, the theme is ‘Kindness’. Did you know that doing something good for someone else is… Read more

Why use a Recruitment Agency?

Recruiting new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process for organisations; one that uses up significant resources, but rarely offers any guarantees. For many years using a ‘recruitment agency’ has been a last resort for hiring managers, but recently there has been a wind of change.  Many businesses are now turning to recruitment agencies,… Read more

Engaging your workforce

Employee engagement is more important now than it has ever been. In a time of international uncertainty, when most of our clients’ businesses have been impacted by Brexit and Covid-19, it is time to think about your employees. What motivates them? What keeps them engaged? It can be salary but, more often than not, it… Read more

Embracing working from home

Embracing the challenge of working from home Here at Venus Recruitment we know and appreciate that there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment and we want to reassure both clients and candidates that we really do care. We are here to support and help you. We are working closely with the REC Legal… Read more

Sharpening up your CV

With employers getting their businesses back on track, now is the time to get your CV in order to show off your skills and make you stand out. CVs remain the popular method for applying for jobs, so it’s important to properly craft your document in order to increase your chances of getting noticed by… Read more

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