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Changing Careers in a Pandemic – some positive news!

The pandemic has been extremely worrying for everyone, and it has taken over our lives in so many ways. From redundancies and furlough leave to the creation of new roles and working remotely, Coronavirus is responsible for some major changes in the world of work.

On the positive side, some people have seen this as the perfect time to start a new chapter. We take our hats off to these people and here are a few of their uplifting stories:

Laurel took this brave step and explained to us why she decided to reassess what was important to her. Although she was extremely proud of what she had achieved in her career, she realised that she was not fulfilled, and there was more to life than climbing the corporate ladder! One night, she sat down with a close friend and a glass of wine (outside and socially distanced!) and told her friend about how she had always wanted to be a Paramedic. So, they started looking into how to achieve this without, at 31, having to start studying full time. She had already started to volunteer outside of work as a community responder and was keeping an eye on the NHS job sites. One day an Apprentice Emergency Care Assistant role with the Ambulance trust near her was advertised. She applied, whilst simultaneously going for interviews for other roles she knew deep down she really didn’t want. When she heard she had been accepted onto the apprenticeship she was over the moon! She starts her new career at the end of January 2021! Such a lovely story and we wish Laurel all the best for the future.

Caroline had been very happily managing her local pub for a few years but, when the pandemic took hold in spring last year, she found herself rethinking her career options. Unsure what to do next, she registered with Venus and, seeing her potential, we found her a temporary Reception/Facilities role in a corporate client’s office. Throughout the year, Caroline worked safely and independently within their environment, supporting the business during the toughest times. Our client valued Caroline’s abilities so much that they have recently offered her a permanent position in Facilities, and she’s very excited to be working towards a NEBOSH Diploma to support her new career path. We are so pleased we could be a part of Caroline’s journey and wish her lots of success for the future!

Darren worked as a Logistics Manager for one of our clients, and he told us all about how he changed his career because the pandemic made him realise how precious life is. This feeling spurred him on to make a change and do something he had always wanted to do but had never had the confidence to take that leap. He loves the outdoors and has now successfully established a fantastic garden maintenance business. Darren has gained so many clients he is thinking of expanding already and hopes to start employing people who share his passion!

It really can be done! Some people just talk about it and others take that next step. Of course, this isn’t for everyone but, for those thinking about it, here are some of our tips for changing jobs during a pandemic.

It’s a good idea to assess your interests and values as part of this process. By reviewing past roles and projects that you’ve enjoyed or disliked this will give you a better idea of what would make you happier in the future. Ask yourself these questions:

  • If you are in a job, establish why you want to change jobs
    Are you looking for more stability, a change in your work environment or circumstances, or do you need more flexibility from your role? Understanding why you want a new job is key to guiding your next steps and narrowing your search.
  • Consider sacrifices
    Every job has its pros and cons, and no industry is perfect, so you need to know what you absolutely need to have in a new career and what you’re willing to be flexible on.
  • Highlight your transferable skills
    In every job you’ve had, you will have picked up transferable skills that can be useful in other positions. What are you good at and how can you put these skills to good use?
  • Consider training
    Learning a trade can be financially lucrative – but the training can take a long time and may be expensive initially. If time is something you have and you’re willing to invest in learning new skills, this could be a great option for you.
  • Keep your options open
    In order to be happy in a role, passion also plays a key factor, but this may not lead to the most financially rewarding job. Are you willing to give up on your passions for a profession that fulfils other criteria? Make a list of the necessities and areas that you can adapt to, so you know what to look for when seeking out a new role.

Everyone has a different story, and everyone has a different reason for wanting to change careers. There are those who have lost their jobs, those who are working but never enjoyed their job, and those who just feel like they should be doing something different or more rewarding.

There is no denying that this Pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but at the same time, it has also brought about some positive changes. Changing career is brave but, for many people the time has been right and it has been the best thing they have ever done. It can provide much more satisfaction, motivation and even financial benefits if you make the right decision.


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