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Let’s shake up the workplace!

We know it’s hard! We had the highs of Christmas, the long break, the drama of New Year’s Eve. Then comes January, a time when we realise that the magic of Christmas is over for another year. It’s dark, cold, rainy and there’s not a huge amount to look forward to. We head back to work with low energy and a lack of focus. Do you recognise this?

So how can we tackle the January slump?

At home, we can write a journal, which helps us empty our mind and express how we feel. Planning and diarising a few exciting events and days out gives us something to look forward to. Healthy eating and exercise is great for our physical and metal performance and of course seeing friends can inspire us.

What about our ‘work mojo’? Here are some ideas to get us back on track and brighten up our days.

Shake things up!

Making a change can give you a reboot. Find a new space, change your schedule to get your brain active, remove yourself from your usual work routine.

A new project

Get excited about something new! Which part of your job sparks some genuine passion? Come up with a way to expand on that and pitch a new project to the manager.

Check-in on your work-life balance

It’s vital that you ensure your life isn’t all about work. Give yourself proper downtime to deflate from the day. If you WFH, switching off from work at home is never easy, but it’s important to set ourselves work boundaries to achieve a better work-life balance.

Find a passion outside of work

If you have lost your motivation, you’ll need to make sure you have something to look forward to when you’re not working. Learning a new language, volunteering, trying a different recipe, or joining a new class could all increase personal interest and stimulation.

Set a realistic to-do list

Setting yourself unachievable goals puts you on an endless cycle of working too hard and missing targets, then beating yourself up for failing. Stay motivated by making sure it’s realistic!

Get realistic about your workload.

Adjust the to-do-list to ensure you are more productive and motivated. ‘Add time slots for completing each action – this may change throughout the day, but it will help you manage expectations of yourself and your colleagues.

Connect with people

Most people really do need some form of social connection at work. Luckily more businesses are back in the office now with balanced hybrid working. Take time out to chat to people face to face and you may be surprised at how many people are feeling the same as you.

What could managers be doing about the January work slump?

If you are a manager and have noticed your team has lost their spark and struggling to look on the bright side through the gloomy winter, here are a few ideas to help and inspire.

Have fun!

There are several health benefits associated with laughter. Happy employees are known to be more productive and stay for longer. Start your meetings with a joke or bring in some tasty treats.

Show purpose

Set some new achievable goals to help employees have a sense of purpose in their work. Check in on how they are doing to help motivation.

Give gratitude

Showing gratitude is a known technique for boosting mental and physical health and well-being. Introduce a positive culture and keep employees feeling appreciated and valued.


Money isn’t the only incentive. Studies show that employees can find satisfaction through non-financial reward schemes such as welcoming employee input on decisions and making or offering opportunities to lead projects. Training opportunities are always appreciated, which can benefit your company too.

Get talking!

Some employees may be struggling with stress or low mood more than others at this time of year. Personal problems from money issues to heartbreak can be an extra burden. You may not feel comfortable having these conversations, but making yourself available to listen can help.


A New Year brings new beginnings. Let’s take advantage of this fresh start and use it as a time to kick off 2024 on the right foot.

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