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How to say Goodbye for your Hello!

Congratulations! You have an exciting new job offer.
We love giving this news to our candidates and our candidates love receiving the news. However, we are always asked the same question. ‘How do I hand in my notice’? So today, we have put together some tips on how to leave your job in a professional way and not to burn bridges.

Wait for the offer letter from your new company before doing anything. When ready, be prepared! Spend some time getting things straight in your mind. Know what you will say and how to deal with your manager’s response. Consider that they may make a counteroffer – what will your response be? Remember why you are leaving in the first place. Decide whether being offered more money is a good enough reason to stay. An email resignation is the fastest route to burning your bridges with your employer – it’s unprofessional. Book a 10-minute face to face meeting with your manager somewhere private. If your manager is in a different office or country, there is no choice but to do a Zoom or Teams call but do ensure the camera is on. Print your official resignation letter for HR to hand to your manager at the end of the meeting. Stay calm – take a deep breath and be as factual as possible. Remember that the important thing is that you are there to terminate your contract not to explain the whys and wherefores. Your manager will then lead the conversation in those directions, but you can control the beginning.

If you’ve controlled the resignation process so that it’s remained calm, professional, and efficient, working your notice period, and sorting out any final administrative points should be as straightforward as it’s ever going to be.

Don’t be tempted to do something you’ll later regret. Whether it’s complaining about your boss on social media or simply slacking off in your work. Don’t forget you will need to be in touch with your previous companies in the future. Many businesses demand long lists of references even after you’ve signed a new contract.

Offer to train your replacement, tie up any loose ends and finish all projects you can in the time you have. Clear your desk of any personal items and ensure your computer is ready for its new user.

When you do leave, thank your co-workers for their support during your time at the organisation. Let them think you have left for a better opportunity, not that you were escaping your current situation.

Remember to keep it professional!


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